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Condo & Townhome Insurance.

Condo & Townhome Insurance.

Condo and townhome owners are usually subject to strata rules and guidelines; therefore have much different needs than those with detached homes. Strata corporations often mandate specific levels of coverage, and although they have their own ‘master policy’ for the entire building, certain coverage’s within their insurance will require your participation. As an example, if the building suffers a loss, they may come to all the owners in the building for a percentage of that cost, or to help out with the deductible - this can all be checked off on your personal condo policy. Despite owning your own unit, there are also common area’s to be considered, which is another reason why condo insurance is so important (especially the liability portion). Items such as loss assessment coverage, difference in deductible insurance and special levy protection should all be points of interest to condo and townhome owners.

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When submitting, it is helpful to have the ‘master policy’ from the condo’s strata company, as this will outline certain items that are applicable to your coverage.