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Tenant Insurance.

Tenant insurance is often mandated by landlord’s in BC, and Alteri is here to help! People will often confuse renters insurance as being a simple coverage that insures contents and belongings, but it’s so much more than that. Tenants have very similar exposures to those of condo and townhome owners that should be covered in a policy, such as: the threat of having to move unexpectedly (additional living expenses), being sued for bodily injury or property damage (personal liability), earthquake and flood coverage, and of course, contents.

Some landlords will have different insurance requirements, and at Alteri we can help you understand what those are and how to best comply with them.

It’s so much more than contents.


Want a Quote?

Alteri is more than happy to look around for the best possible solution for your tenant policy. However, if you want to quote yourself then check out our little sister, InsureToday, who can quote and issue insurance completely online!

If you aren’t satisfied with the online experience then shoot us over your info and we will get to work!